FBI Announces Probe into Concerned Parents Opposing Critical Race Theory at School Board Meetings

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the FBI has begun a wide-ranging probe into parents who oppose critical race theory indoctrination on Monday, falsely alleging widescale “harassment” of far-left school board members and administrators.

Garland announced the crackdown against parents in a memorandum.

Concerned parents have increasingly stood up to CRT indoctrination in public schools, with leftist teacher unions appealing to the federal government to crush any resistance to anti-white curriculum. The National School Board Association had claimed opponents of CRT were engaged in “domestic terrorism” last month, with groups of parents proving increasingly successful in holding leftist school administrators accountable.

Conservatives have increasingly considered withdrawing their children from public schools. Some red state and local governments have considered banning CRT anti-white indoctrination from classrooms, a measure Garland’s federal probe is arguably means to deter through intimidation and bullying.

CRT advocates have sought to bully and fire real public educators who stand in their way, in a campaign of suppression that’s actually worthy of federal investigation. President Donald Trump had banned the practice of CRT indoctrination sessions within the federal government during his reign on the presidential throne, and it’s possible a future Trump or Republican administration could do more to ban critical race theory in public education.

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