FBI Raids Home of Star Netflix Actor, Biden Surrogate In Child Sex Investigation

Federal agents executed a search warrant on the home of a prominent Netflix star and Joe Biden surrogate on Monday as part of an investigation into potential child sex crimes.

Jerry Harris is most known for appearing in the Netflix documentary Cheer, which is about organized cheerleading competition. He’s also appeared as a major Joe Biden surrogate. Harris appeared in a digital Joe Biden campaign event as recently as June.

Federal agents reportedly carried out a raid on Harris’ Illinois home in Monday, investigating illegal sexual conduct between the Cheer star and minors. Harris has been accused of sending sexually explicit conduct to minors, asking for explicit photos and asking to meet for sex.

Harris deleted posts on his personal Instagram featuring his campaign appearances with Joe Biden sometime after reports of the warrant were published. His social media accounts are still online.

The raid on Harris’ home comes just days after Netflix has been rocked with criticism for its publishing a Cuties, a film that depicts prepubescent females in a sexually charged light at great detail.

There are some serious institutional problems at Netflix, an understatement, considering there’s now a track record of tolerance for purported child sexual abuse. It’s probably time for Americans who oppose sexualizing children to cancel their subscriptions to the streaming platform. It’s also time for a comprehensive federal investigation into the company’s legally questionable practices.

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