FBI Raids Pro-Gun Control Organization for Alleged Ties to Gangs

On October 27, 2023, the Federal Bureau of Investigation carried out a raid on the headquarters of Baltimore’s “Safe Streets” program.

The FBI carried out the raid on the alleged claim that the taxpayer-funded community program is embroiled with gang activity. Ironically, this program is designed to combat gang activity. 

This program has grown controversial due its lack of transparency and accountability. 

Due to Baltimore’s alarming crime rate, Safe Streets was established in 2007 to function as a liaison between the city and police department and local gangs, per the city’s webpage on the program.

“Since 2007, Safe Streets has been Baltimore’s flagship gun violence reduction program. Founded in 2000 by epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin, Cure Violence is a public health approach that uses trusted messengers in the community to interrupt the transmission of violence. Violence interrupters spread anti-violence messages and encourage positive changes in individual behavior as well as community norms around violence.”

“Safe Streets,” the program description continued, “serves the residents within its 10 catchment zones across Baltimore City, totaling 2.6 square miles.”

As mentioned before, this program is taxpayer-funded. As 5th District councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer said to WBFF, “These (Safe Streets workers) are City employees, their salaries are paid for with taxpayer dollars.”

The FBI hasn’t published details to explain its recent raid on the program’s Belair-Edison venue. Though based on speculation coming from insiders who reached out to WBFF, the bureau was investigating potential gang affiliation.

On top of that, the FBI conducted raids on the homes of two Safe Streets employees.

What Safe Streets demonstrates is the futility of the defund the police movement. All the alternatives to conventional law enforcement have proven to be futile endeavors, and at times, just another grift for the Left to exploit. 

To be sure, law enforcement needs reform. However, totally abolishing it is just asking for gangs to fill in the power vacuum and completely take over the streets.

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