FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Reports on Jeffrey Epstein

This afternoon, the FBI released a tranche of documents related to the known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, garnering some excitement from internet sleuths who have followed his case and his travels with former President Bill Clinton. Epstein often threw parties on his private island where sexual exploitation of women is said to have taken place.

The FBI tweeted the following link:

The link leads to eight PDF’s containing heavily redacted affidavits, subpoenas, and other documents pertaining to Epstein’s legal troubles. There is some information in the documents related to sexual battery and prostitution investigations, but nothing that was previously unknown to the public.

The files are so heavily redacted that they are of little value. Most of the documents look like this:

The documents offer little new information regarding Epstein’s criminal activity. Recently, the Miami Herald sued for the files pertaining to Epstein.

Big League Politics reported: 

“The Miami Herald seeks to unseal documents pertaining to a court case involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“These judicial documents are germane to the Miami Herald’s ongoing coverage of dozens of underage minors who were victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the South Florida financier who pleaded guilty in 2008 to solicitation of minors for prostitution and was suspected of involvement in a larger sex-trafficking organization,” the motion says.

Jeffrey Epstein, a retired billionaire financier, served 13 months in jail after pleading guilty to one count of soliciting sex from an underage girl. At the time, there were more than 14 accusations from underage women that Epstein had had inappropriate relationships with them.

The story only exploded from there. Epstein was accused of romps with underage girls on his private jet, known as the “Lolita Express.” Bill Clinton has flown on the plane at least 24 times, once to Africa for a Clinton Foundation outing. Epstein is said to have placed hidden cameras in his plane and home in order to film and blackmail important people having sex with minors.

Fox News alleged that Epstein had a team of traffickers assembled to kidnap and deliver females as young as 12 to his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Epstein has settled civil lawsuits with several women to avoid public trials.”

Today’s release is a disappointment for those hoping to get to the bottom of the billionaire pedophile’s alleged romps with young women aboard his private plan and on his private island, accompanied by such figures as Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey.

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