FBI Whistleblower Alleges that Many FBI Agents Don’t Agree with the FBI’s Tyrannical Turn

Recently, an FBI whistleblower went public about the agency’s alleged politicization. According to Jack Phillips of The Epoch Times, the whistleblower warned about how the bureau is conducting acts of mass espionage on lawful Americans. In addition, the whistleblower claims that a large portion of the FBI’s counterterrorism cases are effectively forms of “entrapment.”

The whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, worked for the FBI for six years. He was suspended without pay and cannot obtain new employment until he quits his current job or asks for permission. 

“The number of guys who say, ‘I don’t agree with what’s going on here, but I’ve got three years to retire,’ it’s heartbreaking,” Seraphin said on podcast host Dan Bongino’s show.

On one occasion, Seraphin said he was compelled to divulge information in 2021 when Attorney General Merrick Garland said to elected officials that the Department of Justice was not singling out parents who were protesting at school boards. Seraphin provided a member of Congress an email that the FBI was circulating among its ranks. The email said that Garland ordered the activation of the PATRIOT Act to single out parents with a tag titled “EDUOFFICIALS.”

Many of these parents were at school board protests concerning mask and vaccine mandates along with woke education curricula. This angered the political establishment greatly, which prompted Garland to use the security state to harass otherwise peaceful parents. 

“That’s when you become part of political hatchet jobs, and I didn’t sign up for that, and nobody I know signed up for that either,” Seraphin said to Bongino. “That’s not what people want to get involved in.”

In a recent Washington Times interview, Seraphin said that the bureau’s cases dealing with domestic extremists, right-wing extremists, and white nationalists are largely entrapment operations with dubious moral and ethical aspects to them.

“My team was deployed to 20 or 25 different high profile, national terrorism organization or terrorism investigations between 2018 and 2021. And what I saw, as the most obvious statement, is that there are three things about counterterrorism investigations,” he stated.

Seraphin proclaimed: “Number one, the demand for white supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy.”

He continued, “Number two, the FBI‘s playbook when it comes to counterterrorism investigations is always and unequivocally morally equivalent to entrapment, even if there’s a legal definition that allows them to skirt that.” 

The third uncomfortable truth Seraphin revealed is that the FBI doesn’t have an objective metric for how it prioritizes cases.

“There’s an entirely ridiculous internal process for determining every single national priority,” he asserted.

During the Bongino interview, Seraphin said he believes a growing number of FBI employees will go public in the near future due to the FBI’s overly politicized nature. 

The FBI is clearly a corrupt institution that cannot be reformed. 

In an ideal world, it would be abolished. Nevertheless, red states should channel grassroots discontent towards the FBI and start kicking out FBI agents and shutting down their facilities in their respective states.

It’s time to up the stakes and show the feds that the states will not roll over and are ready to fight back decisively against infringements on our foundational freedoms.

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