FDA Commissioners Seek Backup For Combating Online Misinformation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for backup in the fight against online free speech. A growing trend our country has been witnessing under the Biden administration.

Per comments by the FDA at the 2023 Innovations in Regulatory Science Summit, commissioners said that the agency needs partners to fight public health misinformation.

Commissioners also said patient advocates, clinicians, industry, and academic leaders have a role to play.

“I actually believe that misinformation is the leading cause of death right now in the US because whether we’re looking at COVID or chronic disease, people are making bad choices driven by the information that they get,” said FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, as reported by regulatory focus

“We were just not prepared for what broad access to the internet would do to communication channels,” he continued.

Natural News’ Ethan Huff made the point that by Califf’s use of the word “we,” he is referring to “the globalist powers that be who are apparently clueless about Americans’ love for the First Amendment.”

More from Huff:

Prior to the advent of the Big Tech cabal, the internet was the Wild West of free speech. People could say whatever they wanted, and they got used to doing that before the establishment embedded spooks within all the major platforms to squelch free speech.

Those efforts were partially successful, but there is still a whole lot of free speech going on that Califf wants to see silenced. He maintains that the FDA, with the help of heavy reinforcements, is up to the task of driving a nail into the coffin of the First Amendment.

These calls from the FDA to combat so-called misinformation comes shortly after the Pfizer director was caught flagging tweets to Twitter.   

As documented through the infamous “Twitter Files,” big tech is working hand in hand with government officials to monitor, censor, and selectively promote content they deem appropriate.

This newfound declaration from the FDA is just another piece in the puzzle for deciding what is allowed to be said. All under the guise of “trusting the science” – or, put differently, whatever the powers that be want.

“As a public agency, we need to be critiqued but I think often the people that are doing the critiquing assume that the agency’s going to be there in the future in the way that they expect it to be there,” Califf further stated at the event.

“So, they’re critiquing it to make it better. But to a lot of unsuspecting people that hear it, it just completely erodes their belief in the institution,” he added.

Misinformation has morphed into the new leftist boogeyman. The end goal here is all the same from the progressive regime: destroy free speech. Take control and seize more power.

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