FDA Officials Place Stark Warning On Puberty Blockers For Minors

While the Biden administration does everything in its power to make medical gender transition surgeries more accessible for children, FDA officials warn about the potential negative side effects of puberty blockers for minors.

Earlier this month, the FDA placed a warning on puberty blockers because of brain swelling, loss of vision, and serious risks for children injecting the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).

Per the organization, officials outlined a plausible association between the drug and pseudotumor cerebri, which displays symptoms similar to a brain tumor. These findings were identified in six young girls between the ages of 5 and 12.

“Five were undergoing treatment for central precocious puberty and one for transgender care,” FDA officials reported. “The onset of pseudotumor cerebri symptoms ranged from three to 240 days after GnRH agonist initiation.”

This is what a spokesperson from the FDA had to say about the findings:

“Although the mechanism by which GnRH agonists may lead to development of pseudotumor cerebri has not been elucidated, and patients with CPP may have a higher baseline risk of developing pseudotumor cerebri compared with children without CPP.”

“This potential serious risk associated with GnRH agonists justifies inclusion in product labeling,” they continued.

Biden has rightfully come under fire for his warp-speed efforts toward “gender-affirming care” for minors. He wants insurance companies to cover the costs of these procedures along with abortions under his latest proposal. And is using broad language to attack current safeguarding measures that prevent children from easy access to sex change treatments.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine (who is a biological man) believes the country should not limit youth access to this so-called care. According to Fox News, Levine claims every major medical association agrees that “gender-affirming” care saves lives.

“Gender affirming care is life-saving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers,” Levine said. “As a pediatrician, when it comes to making sure kids are healthy and happy, I know how important care that affirms someone’s true identity can be.”

Many were quick to denounce Levine’s comments. For instance, Florida’s Department of Health said that there is a lack of conclusive evidence to support Levine’s claims. And that doctors should not prescribe children 18 years old and younger puberty blockers or hormone therapy to avoid long-term and irreversible effects – similar to what the FDA has now warned about.

“It’s an appeal to authority that is in stark contrast to the best available evidence,” Florida Health Department spokesperson, Jeremy Redfern, said.

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