FDA Takes 1000s of Documents from JUUL E-Cig Maker in Surprise Inspection

The FDA conducted a surprise inspection on the headquarters of the Juul e-cigarette company, collecting more than one-thousand pages of documentation from the company according to a Tuesday report.

“As part of FDA’s ongoing efforts to prevent youth use of tobacco products, particularly e-cigarettes, last week the agency conducted an unannounced on-site inspection of e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL Labs’ corporate headquarters,” the FDA reportedly said in a statement.

The agency took thousands of documents from the vaporizer manufacturer according to The Hill.

Strictly speaking, Juul’s are not tobacco products, but the FDA has been in an uproar about them as they sweep the nation, likely damaging profits for big tobacco companies.

“Across this category, we are committed to taking all necessary actions, such as inspections and advancing new policies, to prevent a new generation of kids from becoming addicted to tobacco products,” the FDA said.

The surprise inspection was reportedly conducted to “determine compliance with laws and regulations.”

The FDA is worried about the rate at which teens are using Juul products, which is out of the company’s control and strictly in the hands of the retailers.

“We want to be part of the solution in preventing underage use, and we believe it will take industry and regulators working together to restrict youth access,” Juul CEO Kevin Burns said.


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