Fearing Liberal Revolt, Tulsa Community College Uses Constitution to Justify Hosting Milo

Tulsa Community College sent out a memo to all students explaining that, due to the United States Constitution, they are compelled to host right wing journalist and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos on campus.

Fearing a liberal revolt similar to those in Berkeley, California, TCC sent a message using harsh, largely inaccurate language to students to justify its decision to allow Yiannopoulos on campus.

The memo reads that “Yiannopoulos has a history of hate speech,” and blames him for the violent outbreaks that occurred during his various California speeches. It also notes that “the views and ideas of Yiannapoulos [sic] do not reflect those of TCC,” and adds that “the First Amendment gives the sponsoring organization, Transparency for Oklahomans, the right to rent our facility to share those views.”

It continues, “The U.S. Constitution prohibits TCC, as a public institution, from banning expression based on its content or viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are contrary to the values we hold dear as an institution.” It is unknown which beliefs Yiannopoulos espouses are considered contrary to those of the institution of higher learning.

The memo again falls back on the Constitution.

“Nothing we are planning to do for this event should be mistaken as an endorsement of the speaker’s views,” it reads, “We do support the First Amendment, and the right to freedom of expression, as an important cornerstone of our democracy.”

Throughout the memo, TCC blames Yiannopoulos’ speech for the violent protests turned riots that occurred during previous speeches. Big League Politics offered a platform to one journalist who was attacked by Antifa during one such speech two years ago.

From first hand experience, the journalist discovered massive left wing violence against anyone who purportedly supported President Donald J. Trump, regardless of Yiannopoulos’ speech.

I covered the Milo protest and the unprovoked violence perpetrated on unarmed citizens just because they happen to support President Donald Trump. I was there on the ground risking my safety, possibly my life, unprotected, unarmed, during the March 4th Civic Center/MLK Park Battle of Berkeley, and the new famous April 15th Battle of Berkeley. I have riot gear that I have never worn. I have covered many other events.


Because I’m a journalist. I don’t fight. I report. It’s also a little hard to do anything but film when you have cameras in each hand.

While covering a ‘Say no to Marxism’ event in Berkeley California I was brutally attacked by the Antifa Black Bloc on Alston Way, just west of MLK Park. While the official event had been cancelled I knew there were a number of Patriots, including myself who believed we should not give the Antifa a win and allow them to shut down free speech uncontested.

The author concludes his account by telling readers that, after the physical altercation, he fled to a separate state after receiving word that Antifa was actively searching for him in California.

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