Federal Judge Finds D.C. Jail Officials in Contempt of Court Over Lack of Transparency for Mistreatment of Jan. 6 Defendants

A federal judge has found officials with the Washington D.C. department of corrections in contempt of court for their lack of transparency regarding the heinous mistreatment for Jan. 6 political prisoners.

District Court Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that the jail warden and the director of the Department of Corrections are in contempt of court for withholding records about Christopher Worrell, a Jan. 6 defendant suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a broken hand.

Lamberth made his decision during a Tuesday hearing after D.C. Jail Warden Wanda Patten and DOC Director Quincy Booth disregarded an Oct. 8 order to produce a report made by an orthopedic surgeon who examined Worrell as well as his medical requests to treat his cancer. Patten and Booth claimed they failed to comply because of a miscommunication, but the judge was not buying their excuse.

“I don’t accept that explanation,” Lamberth said. “No one noticed in jail that he’s sitting there in pain all the time? Does no one care?”

Lamberth said in court that the treatment of Worrell is “inexcusable” and wondered if his inhumane treatment may be politically motivated. He is calling for a civil rights probe into the matter and has referred the case to the attorney general. Sadly, because of the bias of the illegitimate Biden regime, Worrell is unlikely to receive any justice in a system that is being deliberately weaponized against patriots.

Big League Politics has reported on the cruel and unusual punishment doled out to Jan. 6 patriots by a regime with no respect for the rule of law:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is saying that Jan. 6 patriots “are being treated like political prisoners of war” by a Biden regime that is launching a war on terror against its own people. 

Greene appeared on NewsMax TV to address the torture that is being endured by the protesters who showed up to a lawful protest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 to oppose blatant election fraud.

“I think it’s outrageous and I have no problem saying that these January 6th defendants are being treated like political prisoners of war,” Greene said.

“One of the things I did last week in California is I toured the border, and I also got to see one of the detention facilities that ICE and our U.S. Marshalls use, and I can tell you for a fact illegals that break our laws…are treated far better than the Jan. 6 defendants,” she added.

Greene believes that the Jan. 6 protesters deserve their due process rights regardless of whether or not they are guilty of any criminal acts, and the fact that they are treated like enemy combatants is anti-American.

“We should be a nation that has laws, law and order, and justice in our courts, but not a nation that treats people so badly just because we disagree with their political stance,” she said.

“This is what the Democrats are doing. They want to humiliate all people that support President Trump and are not satisfied with the election outcome and are not happy with the Biden regime that is ruling in Washington D.C.,” Greene added.”

Justice for Jan. 6 has become a seminal cause for the America First movement. This is how the globalist regime wants to treat all patriots who care about their country.

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