Federal Judge Orders Whistleblowers Who Exposed Illicit Trafficking of Fetal Parts to Pay $13.6 Million to Planned Parenthood

A federal judge has ordered pro-life whistleblowers to pay Planned Parenthood $13.6 million in damages after releasing video of executives in the abortion industry boasting about how they sell fetal parts for big money.

The ruling was made by U.S. District Judge William Orrick III, an appointee to the bench by former president Barack Hussein Obama, on Tuesday. It applies to David Daleiden and his associates at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Orrick believes that Daleiden and CMP violated the privacy rights of Planned Parenthood and their affiliates to cut up little babies and sell their body parts without the public being aware of their operation.

Daleiden and his supporters are appealing the verdict to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Previously, a jury determined that Daleiden and CMP violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by videoing Planned Parenthood executives in their own words cavalierly discussing choping up little babies and selling their tissue for big profits.

Daleiden said during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight that Orrick is “is actually the founder of a Planned Parenthood of Northern California clinic in San Francisco.”

“Planned Parenthood, very intentionally and very strategically and with a lot of gamesmanship, filed this case specifically to get it in San Francisco in front of Judge William Orrick, who is an Obama appointee, who was a bundler for the Obama campaign for hundreds of thousands of dollars, is best friends with Tom Steyer,” Daleiden added.

Big League Politics has reported on how Planned Parenthood was forced to own up to trafficking the body parts of fetuses murdered and dismembered in their facilities and even harvesting the parts from babies born alive:

Planned Parenthood has been forced to admit the lurid details of their fetal chop shop operation, in which they harvest babies born alive in order to ship their mutilated parts around for heinously unethical medical research.

New video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) shows Planned Parenthood leaders and their affiliates admitting under oath to participating in gross experimentation and human trafficking, proving what pro-life activists have been saving for years to be undeniably true.

Perrin Larton, the procurement manager of Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), gave testimony in which she confirmed that she has aborted babies whose hearts were “beating independently” after they were taken from the womb. In these cases, the babies are ultimately killed and dismembered by the abortion doctor.

“They just, sometimes they fall out,” Larton said of the fetuses that come out whole, adding that this happens “once every couple months.” At this point, technicians would “do a dissection” on the baby “to get the tissues that the researchers have requested.”

“I can see hearts that are not in an intact P.O.C. [product of conception, meaning aborted baby] that are beating independently,” Larton said – admitting that babies come out of the womb with a heartbeat and are then dissected for parts.

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who once worked as former senior director of medical services for national Planned Parenthood, also issued some chilling comments under oath. She was asked if she “ever had a patient deliver in the operating room a non-viable fetus.”

“I’m sure I have,” she responded. She also said that determining the viability of a fetus “depends on where you work,” meaning it is a completely arbitrary process based on “the availability of interventions” at a particular clinic. She used to set the Medical Standards & Guidelines for every Planned Parenthood nationwide.

Jon Dunn, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties in California, also gave testimony under oath. He admitted that at least one baby set for an abortion was born alive at his facility.

“I know they kept it warm and comfortable for the very brief period that it was alive. I don’t think there was even time to call 911,” Dunn said, later adding: “This is something that every obstetrician/gynecologist deals with on rare occasion. … It is their medical judgment what to do in that circumstance.”

Center for Medical Progress leader David Daleiden is urging for authorities to take action in lieu of these stunning new revelations.

“How long will public authorities permit Planned Parenthood and their associates to sell living children inside and outside the womb and then kill them through organ harvesting?” Daleiden asked. “The [Department of Justice] has vigorously prosecuted the sale of eagle body parts. Surely selling human body parts after cutting them out of an infant with a beating heart is at least as grave of a crime.”

The judiciary may be the most corrupt aspect of the swamp, which is exactly why the courts have covered up the evidence of Democrats stealing the vote last month.

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