Federal Judge Throws a Fit Over Immigration Question in the U.S. Census

The Trump Administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. census has made a federal judge to throw a fit.

On Wednesday March 7, Judge Richard Seeborg argues that adding this question “threatens the very foundation of our democratic system.”

Seeborg continued, asserting that the “commerce secretary’s decision to add the question was arbitrary and capricious and would violate a constitutional requirement that the census count everyone in the country.” According to Seeborg, evidence shows that this question would a create a significant undercount of non-citizens and Latinos.

Seeborg’s statements on Wednesday made him the second judge to declare the Trump administration’s census decision to be illegal. A federal judge in New York blocked the administration from adding the citizenship question from the census. As a result, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed last month to review that decision.

The state of California and several cities in the state sued the Trump administration over the citizenship question as well.

In the view of several state attorneys in California, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross failed to take into consideration that this citizenship question would impose heavy costs on California and also make it lose one congressional seat due to the reduced percentage of immigrants responding to the survey, thus leading to an undercount.

The distribution of congressional seats within a state and the billions of dollars in federal funding they receive are based off of census numbers.

The Justice Department defended its decision by arguing that census officials make in-person follow-up visits to get a more accurate count.

In court documents, Justice Department attorneys asserted that households that skip the citizenship question but fill out the rest of the questionnaire are still counted.

It’s rather ironic that a judge is claiming that census questions inquiring about citizenship are threats to democracy.

The fact of the matter is that mass migration under the current welfare environment we live in is a legitimate threat to our democracy and social cohesion. Across the pond, Europe offers a lurid image of what happens when mass migration takes hold in a country.

Leftist judges like Seeborg and their Democrat cronies will obviously push back against any efforts to curtail immigration, given immigrants’ propensity to vote for the party that gives them the most handout aka the Democratic party.

There is no room for bromides about democracy or virtue signaling about racism when discussing immigration matters. What’s at stake is the very cultural fabric of the United States.

If that is disrupted, we can kiss the liberties we cherish as Americans goodbye.

The real threat to our democracy is the open borders status quo we are all subject to.

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