Federal Prosecutors Abandon False Claims Regarding Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Due to No Evidence

Federal prosecutors are being forced to drop some of the most absurd, histrionic claims they made about the mostly-peaceful protest that happened in and around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

The deep state has spun yarns about elaborate plots to kill lawmakers, gas politicians, overthrow the government, and made up other tall tales in their quest to punish Trump supporters and bring the war on terror into the homeland. Now, they are being forced to backtrack as the case blows up in their faces.

No counts for sedition have been filed against any of those charged thus far. Assault, conspiracy and obstruction charges are the best the feds can come up with, and many of the peaceful protesters inside of the U.S. Capitol may ultimately have their charges dropped – leaving the deep state with egg on their faces yet again.

“They are trying to build the most horrendous cases they can because the public wants it – and this is politicizing criminal justice,” said Gerald B. Lefcourt, a criminal defense attorney with a long history of representing controversial figures.

Big League Politics has reported on how a federal prosecutor was scolded by a judge for engaging in incredibly unprofessional behavior by discussing the ongoing cases during an appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes:

Federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin may have compromised the conspiracy case he has been preparing against Jan. 6 demonstrators in the U.S. Capitol by appearing on CBS News’ 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Sherwin boasted on 60 Minutes about how he was charging Trump supporters as quickly as humanly possible regardless of the evidence in order to make a “shock and awe” display to quash their 1st Amendment rights.

Judge Amit Mehta is incredibly unhappy with Sherwin’s activity, which he believes is egregious and highly unprofessional. Mehta stated he will not hesitate to slap a gag order on Sherwin in the future if such breaches continue. Sherwin has reportedly been referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility for potential disciplinary action…

The deep state may be overreaching in their attempt to paint Jan. 6 as a seditious conspiracy when it was rather obviously a spontaneous mostly-peaceful protest against entrenched political corruption in the federal swamp.”

The feds are rapidly losing legitimacy by pursuing peaceful dissidents while ignoring Islamic terrorists and left-wing thugs.

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