Federalist Society Favorite Brags about Organization’s Hand-Picked Judges Killing Election Fraud Cases in Court

For years, Republicans have bragged about the quality, rule-of-law judges being appointed to the bench by President Donald Trump at the behest of the Federalist Society.

Now, those same judges are refusing to hear electoral integrity cases in the court of law, dismissing cases without considering evidence, and hiding behind legal fictions in order to abdicate their duty to overturn massive voter fraud. A long-time favorite of the Federalist Society is even boasting in the mainstream media that the organization has duped Trump and his supporters this entire time.

David French, the ‘Never Trumper’ who defends drag queen predators grooming child victims in public libraries, wrote an op/ed in Time Magazine championing the Federalist Society for its judges who are rolling over and allowing the most grotesque crime in U.S. history take place unabated.

“The leading lights of the conservative legal movement won’t touch the election challenges with a ten-foot-pole,” wrote French, who noted that he is a regular at Federalist Society events.

“Many conservative lawyers are also institutionalists. John Roberts is a notable example. They have deep respect for the reputation of the judiciary and the integrity of the bar,” he added.

French made it clear that the Federalist Society is producing judges and legal minds that refuse to demonstrate courage under the pressure, and this is what the conservative movement is all about.

“While a member of Congress believes he risks his career if he doesn’t embrace Trump’s conspiracies, a conservative lawyer in private practice risks his professional reputation (and thus his ability to progress through the highest ranks of his profession) if he does,” French wrote, noting that top conservative legal minds care more about securing their prestige and their bottom line than doing what’s right.

However, French fears that the recent actions from the lawyers and the judges trained by the Federalist Society could hurt the conservative movement, with President Trump refusing to toe the line of a weak GOP establishment desperate to capitulate and let Democrats get away with their vote steal.

“If the GOP continues to indulge populism, conspiracies, and cruelty, the elite-driven conservative legal movement is fated to fall,” French wrote.

“There are Republicans who will interpret this necessary, principled stand as an act of betrayal. They will impose new pressures on conservative lawyers and create new tests for potential court nominees,” he added, before celebrating the fact that “the lawyers and judges are winning,” at least temporarily.

While conservatives pat themselves on the back for surrendering, liberals are inflicting a culture of terror on whistleblowers and public officials with authority to push back against the fraud, as Big League Politics has noted:

The federal agent who harassed a U.S. Postal Service whistleblower and attempted to get him to withdraw his sworn affidavit has been revealed as an anti-Trump partisan.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas discovered that federal agent Russell Strasser was posting on Twitter under the alias, “Jeff Streeter.” Under the handle @titansfanjeff, Strasser made many anti-Trump comments.

“For your plans tonight – DO NOT WATCH TRUMP’S TOWNHALL! Not even for the schadenfreude. All he cares about is ratings. Don’t give them to him. Otherwise for the next 19 days all he’ll talk about is how his ratings were better than Biden’s in place of answering real questions,” Strasser wrote in an Oct. 15 tweet.

“This election has been a ride! Everyone said be patient. Everyone said the initial in-person vote counts would be a “red mirage.” Everyone said the slower counted mail-ins would lean heavily Blue…. But BOY is it satisfying to watch Biden close the “GA/PA”!” he wrote after election night…

There is currently a terror regime that is being instituted against whistleblowers as the powers-that-be clearly have something to hide following last week’s elections marred with irregularities.

If President Trump’s movement ends up destroying conservatism, that might be the best thing for America considering how conservatives have failed to conserve anything except perhaps massive profits for China-owned corporations.

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