Feds Charge Cops for the Shooting of Drug-Slanging Thug Breonna Taylor

Biden’s Department of Justice has charged Louisville, Ky. law enforcement officers Brett Hankison, Joshua Jaynes, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, and Kyle Meany over the raid that resulted in the death of the drug-dealing ghetto thug Breonna Taylor.

Taylor became a Black Lives Matter martyr after fake news spread among the low IQ denizens of that anti-civilizational hate movement. Even though the cops were cleared of any wrongdoing by local and state authorities, they will be crucified in the name of diversity anyway.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the officers were charged for violating the civil rights of Taylor, obstructing the investigation, and endangering neighbors because of the gun fire.

Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, is relishing over these trumped up charges.

“What we’ve been saying was the truth, that they shouldn’t have been there and that Breonna didn’t deserve that,” she said. “Today’s overdue, but it still hurts.”

Big League Politics has reported on the delinquency of Taylor, and her hoodlum boyfriend, that led to her fatal encounter with police:

Deceased black woman Breonna Taylor, the alleged victim of a police shooting, has been shown in new photographic evidence to be a drug-dealing, gun-brandishing thug.

In one particularly revealing photo, Taylor can be seen with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker holding guns in a particularly menacing fashion. The caption at the top reads, “How he coming behind me” with a devil emoji, indicating that they were ready to go out in a blaze of glory at a moment’s notice, with the caption at the bottom reads, “Partners in Crime.” The BLM terror movement made up a bunch of lies about the situation in order to activate the savages to rape and pillage on behalf of their latest felon martyr.

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