Female Prisoner Sues Prison After a Transgender Inmate Allegedly Raped Her

The Post Millenial reported on a case of a female inmate suing the Logan Correctional Centre in Illinois after claiming that the prison tried to cover up a sexual assault that a transgender inmate committed against her.

The Public Broadcasting Service station WTTW covered the proceedings. The victim was referred to as Jane Doe and was the alleged victim of a sexual assault in June 2019. Doe asserted that a correctional officer coerced her into withdrawing her claim. She ended up being punished for filing a false report in violation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Doe’s alleged assailant is named as Janiah Monroe, a biological male that identifies as a female. According to WTTW, Monroe and another transgender inmate recently filed lawsuits against the Illinois Department of Corrections, demanding to be transferred to female prisons. Monroe, who was previously known as Andre Patterson, received a 12-year prison sentence for the attempted murder of a government employee. He then received an additional 20 years for murdering a cellmate after being incarcerated.

In her lawsuit, Jane Doe claims that Monroe began “expressing an interest” in her after the biological male was transferred to Logan Corrections Centre. On June 18th, 2019, Monroe raped Doe. The smaller female stated that she was “easily overpowered.”

Doe claims senior correctional officer Todd Sexton interviewed her while in the prison’s Health Unit. She sustains that Sexton did not believe she had been assaulted and put pressure on her to withdraw her claim. Sexton believed that they engaged in an act of “consensual sex.” Doe received punishment for committing the “major infraction” of filing a false rape report and was punished according to Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Alan Mills, who is the head of the Uptown People’s Law Center, the firm which sued the Illinois Department of Corrections while requesting a prison transfer for Monroe, believes Monroe may have been targeted due to “transphobia.”

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