Female Skateboarder ‘Sick Of Being Bullied Into Silence’ After Placing Second To Trans Competitor

Taylor Silverman is the female skateboarder who placed second to a biological man that identifies as a woman in the Red Bull Cornerstone Contest.

Now, she’s ripping the company-sponsored competition for ignoring her plea to be placed first. Saying, “I reached out to Redbull and was ignored.”

Silverman spoke out publically on her Instagram 3 days ago, accusing Red Bull of giving the prize money she deserved to trans competitors.

She also shared with her audience of well over 11,000 followers that she is “sick of being bullied into silence.”

“At the last contest series I did for Redbull, I placed second,” Silverman recalled. “The trans competitor who won took $1000 in qualifiers, $3000 in finals, and $1000 in best trick. This totaled to $5000 of the prize money meant for the female athletes.”

Silverman said what most Americans are thinking, but are too afraid to say out loud. As she admitted in her post: “What happened was unfair and at the time I was too uncomfortable to speak up.”

She also included an email to Redbull Senior Sports Marketing Manager Erich Dummer that read, “A biological man with a clear advantage won the women’s division, best trick, and also won multiple qualifiers.”

“This took away the opportunity that was meant for women to place and earn money,” she added.

Silverman has also acknowledged just how important speaking up on issues like these is for the future of women’s sports – even if “it’s not the popular thing.”

Moreover, the words Silverman has chosen to use speak volumes for just how out of control stories like hers have become in recent years. As she is claiming in her post and email that the inclusion of trans athletes in female sports will only hurt women in the long run.

“I deserved to place first, be acknowledged for my win, and get paid,” she said.

Of course, Silverman is right, nothing about her situation is fair. Especially considering the winner of the competition had a clear advantage by being born a male. And many of the comments on Silverman’s post seem to agree.

“Good for you for speaking out! So many incredible athletes are being unfairly disadvantaged and it needs to stop,” one Instagram user shared.

“Taylor, sending you lots of strength!!! I’m proud of you for speaking up! Live your truth, and always stand for what you believe in, just as everyone else should,” said another.

Perhaps the conservative movement can get behind Silverman as she appears to be the only athlete speaking out publicly about the lunacy behind trans men in women’s sports.

Athletes were shockingly silent about “Lia” Thomas when he was crushing female competitors by 40 seconds. And look at how poorly that whole situation has turned out for the sport as a whole.

Silverman is different. She is fighting back. Hopefully, her strength and bravery alone will be enough to encourage other Americans to stand up against the gender cult that is plaguing the nation and destroying women’s sports.

Sometimes all it takes is one.

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