Female Soldier Who Fell on Rifle in Training Exercise is Rewarded With Thousands of Dollars for Her Ineptitude

An Irish female soldier who incompetently fell on her rifle during night training exercises has been rewarded with €36,000 due to her extreme weakness.

Private Aoife Burke, 19, fell on her rifle and a circuit civil court in Ireland decided that she should be given money as a result. This is how society is drained of its resources due to the Big Lie of gender equality.

“The evacuation was conducted in darkness and involved a simulated exercise of waking up the soldiers at night in a situation where they could be under attack, picking up their rifles and putting on their webbing and helmets before evacuating the camp and making their way to a specific rendezvous point,” said Judge Cormac Quinn, who presided over the case.

“Visibility was poor in the darkness and only red helmet lights were used. I am satisfied from the evidence of Dr Clonan that this was insufficient light in the particular circumstances of this case and fell below the required duty of care to Private Burke,” Quinn added, making sorry excuses for Burke’s inability to measure up.

Big League Politics has reported on how instilling gender equality as a value for the military is causing major problems in the U.S. as well.

Almost half of female soldiers have failed the weakened Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) in the first half of 2020, according to data that was released on Monday.

In comparison, only seven percent of male soldiers failed the ACFT throughout the year. This is another stake through the heart of the Left’s equality lie.

The ACFT consists of six different events, and the test has been changed since last year. Women are now allowed to skip the leg tucks, which had a 41 percent fail rate. Even though the test has been weakened, 44 percent of women still failed the test in the first half of the year…

The lie of equality is only going to continue to weaken the U.S. Armed Forces and national security. This is more proof that diversity is not our strength.

China and Russia are laughing as Western nations self-immolate due to their relentless and idiotic pursuit of equality. This ruling is the latest embarrassment for once-great nations that are crumbling.

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