Female Soldiers in Ukraine Suffer From Yeast Infections, Inflamed Ovaries Due to Inadequate Equipment

A report from the front lines of the war in Ukraine indicates that women soldiers are getting yeast infections and being forced to wear uniforms that are comically oversized, as they experience substantial indignities caused by globalist intervention in the region.

The Ukraine armed forces encompasses roughly 60,000 women, some of whom have spoken to the Daily Beast about the conditions they have been forced to endure.

“Try to go to the toilet in the woods at 4 degrees Fahrenheit,” a 24-year-old female soldier named Julia said to the outlet. “All of us got cystitis or inflammation of the ovaries and back pain. After a year of the war we have a bouquet of all sorts of health issues.”

“The hardest is to run in the army’s standard, 30-pound-bulletproof vest — which just never fits snugly to the body with boobs like mine,” another female soldier named Alina said. “If I take the army armor off and get wounded or get killed, there would be no compensation paid to me or my family. Our lives, our security, often depend on what we wear on our body and our feet, how healthy we are.”

Big League Politics has reported on the incredible amount of money that has been dumped into Ukraine with zero oversight or accountability:

According to a Reuters report published on September 26, 2022, the United States Congress agreed to the Biden regime’s request to tack on $12 billion for Ukraine in a stopgap funding bill.

Republicans in the Senate are split on whether they’ll back the funding request in the continuing resolution. 

According to Micaela Burrow of the Daily Caller, this funding bill needs to be passed by September 30  in order to prevent a government shutdown.

Though a source, who is familiar with the current set of negotiations, stated that Congress had reached an agreement on allocating $12 billion in aid to Ukraine in addition to the $40 billion that was greenlit back in May. 

Texas Senator John Cornyn, a mainstay of the DC political establishment, revealed that the aid package would consist of economic, humanitarian, and military aid.

“I think whatever we do on Ukraine, we ought to be doing it separately from the CR,” Florida Senator Rick Scott said to CNN in reference to the continuing resolution. “I think we’ve gotta have a clean CR that goes through Congress.”

According to a Fox News report, several Republican elected officials accused Biden of sneaking in tons of aid in the funding package to help Democrats out electorally during the 2022 midterms. If Republicans were to vote against this bill on the grounds that it has no accountability safeguards to where the spending goes, the Biden regime could spin GOP opposition as supporting Russia during its military campaign in Ukraine.

“This newest call from President Biden is simply a superficial midterm election gimmick that will only damage our country in both the short and long term,” stated Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona earlier this month.

Thus far, the Biden regime has sent approximately $15 billion in aid to Ukraine since January 2021. The bulk of that has come after the Russian invasion in February 2022.

Surprise, surprise. It appears that the aid has gone up the nose of Ukrainian “President” Volodymyr Zelenskyy instead of toward helping the boots on the ground. Who could(n’t) have seen this coming?

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