Feminist Gestapo Shame Men for Asking Women Out on Dating Apps During Coronavirus Pandemic

Feminists are shaming men who violate social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic by soliticing in-person dates from women on apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Mashable published an op/ed on Friday accusing men of “harassing women on dating apps to meet up and break social distancing rules.” The feminist author Anna Iovine set up the narrative that it is only men responsible for lonely people hooking up on dating apps during the pandemic, and women are helpless little victims who cannot be held responsible for their own actions.

She claimed without providing anything other than anecdotal evidence that “there are some people — specifically men — who are going to lengths to harass and gaslight women to try to convince them to meet up with them, or to shame them when they refuse.”

Iovine cited some whining from feminist Instagram influencer Samantha Rothenberg about mean messages that are being sent over dating apps that are allegedly hurting the feelings of some low IQ snowflakes who don’t know how use the “Block” setting.

“Since social distancing has been mandated, I’ve received hundreds (possibly thousands) of submissions featuring screenshots of people who are not only attempting to meet up right now, but who are also actively shaming and harassing those who turn them down,” Rothenberg said to Mashable.

She is encouraging people to rat on other users who have not bought into the coronavirus hysteria, as citizen snitching takes off amongst a fear-addled population.

“It’s hard not to feel completely helpless in the face of so much tragedy, and as someone with an audience who looks to me for dating-themed content, I knew that going for something in that vein is where I could be most impactful,” Rothenberg said about her Big Brother social media push on dating apps.

She has started a petition demanding that dating applications police their users to make sure they do not leave their house, with users being banned who refuse to abide by social distancing edicts.

“A number of people have reported unconscionable activity on dating apps to me – everything from being mocked for abiding by social distancing rules to being outright propositioned for sex. The perpetrators are a threat not only to themselves, but to society at large,” she wrote on her petition.

Rothenberg gave the following three suggestions for dating apps to take during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Make it possible to report users for irresponsible behavior.

2. Send a warning to anyone who attempts to violate social distancing.

3. Ban users who are reported multiple times.

Feminists are looking for ways to punish men during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes lobbying tech companies to further isolate them from companionship as lockdown tyranny grips the world.

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