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Fighter Who Wore Anti-Hillary T-Shirt Plans to Sell, Give Proceeds to Veterans Charities

The fighter’s shirt, sporting a profane political message, may soon be for sale with proceeds benefiting veterans organizations.



MMA Fighter Hillary Clinton is a Cunt

A mixed martial arts fighter who won her competition while wearing a viral t-shirt now says she plans to auction the shirt and give 100 per cent of the proceeds to a popular veterans charity.

Part of the revival of bare knuckle boxing, Sheena Starr won a competition over the weekend while wearing the viral, profanity sporting t-shirt. Fans and detractors across social media expressed their support for their fighter and bemusement at the political message emblazoned on her shirt.

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Starr won the bare knuckle boxing competition after landing several blows to her opponent’s eye, forcing the referee to end the fight.

According to her Facebook page, Starr now plans to set up an auction for the shirt and give 100 per cent of the proceeds to 22 2 None and The Together We Can Campaign, a group seeking to aid veterans after they return to the United States.

“Average 22 veterans commit suicide every day,” wrote Starr. “22 to [sic] MANY!” She added that she has “seen first-hand the wonderful things this charity does for our veterans,” and is happy to support them.

22 2 None is a non-profit organization “lead by a board of fellow Veterans to help raise awareness and provide support in hopes to combat veteran suicide,” while The Together We Can Campaign is a related group showing veteran advocates who work to end veteran suicide.

She is asking her friends and supporters for help finding the proper venue to auction the shirt before announcing further details.

Looking for suggestions on what would be the best platform and also the most user-friendly platform to auction off my…

Posted by Sheena Starr on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

This is not the first time Starr wore explicit clothing during one of her matches, previously wearing a shirt with the self deprecating words “I Have No T*ts” to one of her fights earlier this month.



#StopTheTires – American Truckers Halt Shipments Citing Voter Fraud, Elite Disrespect, Joe Biden

Truckers have had enough.



Groups of truckers began a strike inspired by the #StopTheTires movement on Monday, ceasing to transport non-essential goods.

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One video compilation reveals lines of trucks on American highways, halted to a stop. Many truckers speak of poor treatment from their communities, citing support for first responders and ignorance of the contributions truckers have made during the coronavirus pandemic. Truckers cite onerous coronavirus restrictions, poor maintenance of roads, and the shutdown of rest facilities they rely on. Many are also pointing to what they identify as a fraudulent 2020 US presidential election and Joe Biden’s hostility to the blue-collar middle class demographic truckers identify with.

70 million of you guys voted against the trucking industry. Against oil and gas. We ain’t gonna forget this s***.

Figures affiliated with the #StopTheTires movement have urged truck drivers carrying essential cargo such as food and medical supplies not to strike. It’s likely that any cessation of trucking will result in inconveniences for American consumers, with popular goods becoming unavailable at many retailers.

Organizers had earlier encouraged temporary strikes on Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, with trucker Jeremy Rewoldt citing the damage a potential Joe Biden presidency could incur on truckers. Biden opposes fracking, a method of producing fossil fuels, Rewolt pointed to the Democrat as a crucial supporter of Black Lives Matter riots and criminals that deter truckers from entering major American cities.

If the truckers are not provided the respect they deserve, it’s likely that major contingents of the American public will eventually starve.

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