Financial Times Names George Soros ‘Person of the Year’

George Soros Flickr Creative Commons Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Financial Times has named Hungarian billionaire George Soros as its “Person of the Year” in a gushing piece about the 88-year-old leftist.

“He is the standard bearer of liberal democracy and open society. These are the ideas which triumphed in the cold war. Today, they are under siege from all sides, from Vladimir Putin’s Russia to Donald Trump’s America,” the piece said.

Financial Times called Soros a “philanthropist,” but failed to mention that the money man made his fortune by shorting currencies, betting on the economic collapse of nations and profiting when the collapses occurred. The paper also failed to mention that Soros openly admitted to helping the Nazis confiscate property from Jews in Hungary during World War II, for which he said he felt no guilt during a “60 Minutes” interview. The mainstream press has long called this fact  a “right wing conspiracy.”

“The Financial Times’s choice of Person of the Year is usually a reflection of their achievements. In the case of Mr Soros this year, his selection is also about the values he represents,” the paper said.

The piece went on to describe how Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, donates billions to leftists causes, which it framed as fighting “racism and intolerance.” It also decries populism and nationalism as antithetical to democracy which is a blatant lie.

“For more than three decades, Mr Soros has used philanthropy to battle against authoritarianism, racism and intolerance,” according to the piece. “Through his long commitment to openness, media freedom and human rights, he has attracted the wrath of authoritarian regimes and, increasingly, the national populists who continue to gain ground, particularly in Europe.”

Soros – in his apparent battle against racism – gave $246 million to partners and organizers of the Women’s March, which has finally disbanded due to its founder Linda Sarsour’s virulent anti-Semitism. This is but one example of Soros funding horrid radically left social movements that are destroying the fabric of the United States. Still, the Financial Times thinks Soros is a hero.

“From his native Hungary to his adopted America, the forces of nationalism and populism are battering the liberal democratic order he has tirelessly supported. The man once described as the only individual with a foreign policy must contend with the rise of strongmen across the globe — and a vicious backlash designed to delegitimise him.”

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