Finland’s Feminist Government Offers To Help Migrants Invading Greece Claim Asylum

Finland’s left-wing, feminist-led government has expressed an intention to subvert Greece’s sovereignty and support the invasion of Europe by helping illegal migrants from Turkey claim asylum.

When Turkish PM Recep Erdogan announced at the end of last month that his country would facilitate the passage of potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants into Europe, the situation on the Greek border quickly flared into a crisis. Mainstream reports have revealed the Turkish military is offering transportation to migrants, as well as arming them and even attacking Greek border guards.

With tens of thousands of Muslim migrants massing at the border to Europe and attempting to force entry, promising a repeat of the disastrous refugee crisis of 2015-2016, even the EU was forced to contend with the situation and sent border patrol reinforcement to Greece. Patriotic Eastern European nations, in particular Poland and Austria, also sent muscular support with the intention of helping Greece keep defend their borders.

However, the feminist-led government of Finland has taken a different approach, stating that its own personnel, rather than turning people away, will help them claim asylum, in a series of confusing statements given by its cabinet ministers.

Maria Ohisalo, the Interior Minister and Green Party member, said that Finland would “support Greece” by “abiding by international obligations” which include both secure borders and a “right to apply for asylum,” despite ostensibly recognizing “Turkey’s attempts to use people as political pawns.”

Finland’s government came into power at the end of 2019, with wide acclaim from the progressive media and the globalist political class for being led overwhelmingly by young, millennial women who come from liberal and left-wing political parties. Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the youngest currently serving world leader at 34, was raised by lesbians and describes herself as a leftist. One of her prominent cabinet appointees, the Education Minister Le Andersson, is a vegan Marxist.

The country has continued to receive considerable praise for constructing one of the most feminist and “equal” societies in the world, partly due to quotas for gender representation in politics and other areas.

Apparently, “feminism” also means that the government will not protect its own people or the continent, despite the massive increase in gender-based violence that resulted from the influx of millions of migrants in several years prior. Just as the progressive female mayor of Cologne blamed German women for the mass-scale sexual assault committed by migrants on New Years’ Eve in 2015, so too the Finnish female government evinces the same suicidal ideology of out-group preference and lack of concern for or loyalty to their own constituents and fellow Europeans.

It has also been reported that EU border guards from Denmark helped migrant boats land on the Greek island of Kos in defiance of the orders of their Greek commanders.

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