FL School District Deliberately Keeps Teenager’s Transition Secret

January Littlejohn, mother of the teenage daughter.

Florida has been at the forefront in combating the medical tyranny of the Biden regime and its many supporters. In addition to this, the DeSantis administration has also been against the general subversive ambitions of the left on American history and culture, with the banning of CRT from Florida public schools the latest offense against the globalist elite. This has been an uphill battle at times, not just because of the RINOs in the State Legislature, but also because the deep state permeates even at the state and local level, as this most recent horror story demonstrates.

According to Breitbart News, the Littlejohn family who sends their thirteen-year-old daughter to Deer Lake Middle School a few miles outside of Tallahassee, Florida, are filing a lawsuit against the school district for secretly attempting to coax their daughter to transition into a “transgender male” and explicitly keeping this effort a secret from her parents.

January Littlejohn gave a speech on gender ideology and its effects on her teenage daughter.

In a speech given at the Florida Family Policy Council regarding this issue, January Littlejohn, the mother of the teenager, explained that her daughter’s interest in not identifying as a female was abrupt and unexpected. She traced the chronology of this saga back to the height of the lockdowns last year when three of her daughter’s close friends started identifying as “non-binary or transgender” within three months with each other, which seems to have been the culmination of what appears to be an obsession within that social circle with “anything to do with LGBTQ letters”, with the added effect of being “socially withdrawn” as a result of the lockdowns identified by Mrs. Littlejohn as a contributing factor.

In addition to this abrupt change of sentiment from her daughter, Mrs Littlejohn, who herself holds a Master’s Degree in counselling from Florida State University, also explained that after informing the school that she was not going to affirm her daughter’s newly-acquired gender confusion and was seeking professional help in the matter, she was informed by her daughter that the school had been making overtures towards her daughter by asking her which bathroom she would like to use, a process which culminated in a meeting with three school officials in the subject of whether she would like to change her name to a more male-sounding one.

What finally prompted the lawsuit was the refusal of the school to disclose the details of the meeting and the reason that was cited was a guide the school was using that explicitly instructed against informing a child’s parents, presumably because most normal parents would throw a rightful fit and demand consequences for the subversives running most American public schools.

After many weeks of pressing the school, Mrs Littljohn was finally informed that her daughter, who is only thirteen years of age, supposedly had to give express authorization under the law in order for her parents to be allowed to attend these meetings, even though she is very much still a legal minor.

In addition to this, Mrs Littlejohn was also informed that her minor daughter signed a transgender non-conforming student plan which constituted a six-page document that her daughter completed with the vice principal, guidance counsellor, and another social worker. The document apparently allowed her daughter to change her name as well as pronouns, which bathrooms she preferred to use, and even whether she wished to room with male or female students during overnight school field trips.

To add insult to injury, the plan also included the use of the daughter’s original name when talking about her to her parents in order to leave the parents completely in the dark about what was happening in school, because apparently, transgenderism is so enlightening and perfectly good that parents need not know about whether their children are being put through a transition effort by the school.

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