FLASHBACK: Alex Jones Beat Peter Thiel, Called Out Google’s Collusion With China Last Year

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Last night Peter Thiel suggested President Donald Trump and his administration look into possible collusion between communist China and Google, echoing Alex Jones’s sentiments from 2018.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Thiel made the case that the Chinese military is directly benefiting from Google while the big tech giant refuses to cooperate with the United States military.

Infowars reported:

Asked why Google was working with the Communist Chinese military on breakthrough AI technology, Thiel said one explanation was the fear that China would acquire the technology anyway via the back door if it was not given to them.

However, according to Thiel, another explanation is the far-left political environment that dominates Silicon Valley.

“There’s probably a broad base of Google employees that are ideologically super left wing, sort of woke, and think that China’s better than the U.S. or that the U.S. is worse than China – it’s more anti-American than anything,” said Thiel.

Thiel’s comments are eerily reminiscent of Jones’s from last year. In the days after Jones was first banned from YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, and countless other platforms, Jones called out Google for cooperating with the Chinese government and military while snubbing the United States.

In the halls of Congress, as Google’s Sundar Pichai left the building, Jones ambushed him and made the same accusations as Thiel.

“They tell Congress that they’re not censoring anybody, even though we have all the Google documents, we have the Google videos,” said Jones. “Sundar, you know Google is helping China with Dragonfly, and you know they’re helping censor. You know you’ve sold this country out. And you won’t even help defend us against the Chicomms, you bet on the wrong country!”

“Sundar is arresting dissidents in China, Apple is working with China to supress their people. Sundar, you’re engaged in treason. You’ve had Google executives lie to Congress that you’re not censoring conservatives. Sundar, you will not silence the people!” Jones continued, “Your censorship will not work anymore, Sundar! We’re aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people, and gaming your search results.”

Jones then repeatedly shouted “Google is evil!” until he was threatened with arrest by security.


It appears mainstream conservatives are becoming aware of the unprecedented situation of Google and other big tech companies working directly, and in some cases partnering, with the Chinese government to censor its people, and using the same mechanisms to erase conservatives from public discourse in the United States.

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