Flashback: Joe Biden ADMITTED Forcing Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Investigating His Son

As Democrats ready a doomed impeachment inquiry on the basis of Trump’s supposed Ukraine scandal that’s set to accomplish nothing except ensure the concerns of the American people are ignored, they’re conveniently ignoring a tape in which Joe Biden admits using the office of the Vice Presidency to intimidate the Ukrainian government.

Biden admitted he pressured Ukraine’s then-President Petro Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor investigating his son Hunter Biden for payments he received from an oligarch-owned gas company, Burisma Holdings. Biden claimed that the prosecutor investigating his son, Viktor Shokin, was corrupt, and informed Poroshenko that Ukraine would be denied a billion dollars of foreign aid if Shokin wasn’t fired.

Sure enough, Shokin was fired shortly thereafter. It didn’t occur to Biden that he held a massive conflict of interest in orchestrating the firing of a prosecutor who was investigating his own son for receiving millions of dollars from a suspicious oil company. 

In fact, Biden bragged about his role in firing Shokin while speaking at an event for the globalist Council on Foreign Relations in 2018. Watch here:

Biden’s use of his office for incredibly inappropriate shakedowns of the Ukrainian government seems to have been par for the course for the current presidential candidate and career politician. But the matter resurfaced when President Donald Trump asked the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to resume the investigation into Hunter Biden. Reports indicate that the Ukrainian government is set to do so, probing the approximately $3,000,000 paid to Biden by Burisma as potential under-the-table bribery.

Meanwhile, as Democrats ready a frantic impeachment push against Trump for his conversation with the Ukrainian leader, it doesn’t occur to them that the former Vice President actually could have been covering for corrupt practices in shutting down an investigation into his own son.

Biden has gone dark on the matter, refusing to discuss any of the particulars regarding his or his son’s connections to Ukraine.

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