FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Advocated for Election Reform in Clip from 2007

MANCHESTER NH. – OCTOBER 9: Ex Vice Pres. Joe Biden makes the sign of the cross after speaking about Giuliani speaks to supporters at an event at McIntyre Ski resort on October 9, 2019 in Manchester, NH. (Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

In a clip from 2007, then Delaware senator Joe Biden advocated for election reform, saying that the federal government should obligate states to use the same machines because they would leave paper trails and thus greatly reduce the possibility of pulling off fraud.

The clip was dug up by Twitter user @cameronlackney and first posted by @fleccas.

“How are you gonna keep it from us being able to be in a position where you could manipulate the machines, manipulate the records. The one way to do that is—I think we should pass a federal law mandating that the same machines with paper trails be mandatory for every federal election. That will be a multi-billion dollar bill for the states because the states will have to make a choice then. They’ll have to make a choice whether or not they have two machines. We can’t mandate, as you know, state elections. We can’t tell the state of Delaware or Ohio or Texas what machines and what method they use to vote in their state elections. But we can do it federally. So in a nutshell I think we should be mandating that we have a paper ballot with the standardized machines, standardized requirements,” Biden said.

We wonder if Joe Biden will be open to the same idea if he becomes president…

In other Biden-related news, the so-called “president-elect” lashed out at a reporter on Monday for asking about the continued investigation into his son Hunter:

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