FLASHBACK: LGBT Pioneer and Obama Fundraiser Indicted Two Times on Child Sex Charges

With the infamous Jeffrey Epstein charged yet again for sex crimes, it is shining a light on other alleged Democrat-affiliated predators who have escaped justice after being accused of illicit sexual acts.

One such accused child sex criminal is Terry Bean, who co-founded Human Rights Campaign and Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund and fundraised $500,000 for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. He escaped conviction for allegedly gang-raping a 15-year-old boy in 2013, but the charges are active once again.

Bean was accused of gang raping a 15-year-old boy at a Eugene, OR motel with his former boyfriend Kiah Lawson. The case was ultimately dropped because of a “settlement” reached with the alleged victim that caused him not to testify in the court of law.

However, the charges were renewed on Jan. 4 after a secret indictment was filed in Lane County Circuit Court. Both men are now facing charges including two counts of felony sodomy and another count of misdemeanor sex abuse.

Bean’s legal team is disparaging the alleged victim publicly, as they did during the first case.

“Once again, Terry is innocent of the charges,” Bean’s lawyer Derek Ashton said. “The accuser wants money. It’s that simple. Years ago, while threatening a civil suit, this same person was able to use the district attorney as a tool to leverage his false claims. Now, more than three years later, he wants more money.”

“The answer is no. This case is a continuation of the 2014 blackmail scam by Mr. Lawson and others, including today’s accuser. Mr. Bean is the victim and he has paid enough. We will see them in court,” Ashton added.

Prosecutor Scott Healy wrote that he had “never seen a civil compromise agreement offered in a case this serious” in his objection after the first case was dropped.

“It was somewhat of a surprise to find out such a remedy was even available in a child sex abuse case,” Healy wrote. “Normally, such a remedy is suggested in low-level property crime cases where the facts are not too aggravated and the defendant has no prior criminal record or history of similar conduct. This is not the case here.”

Haley also described Bean’s “history of targeting, grooming and victimizing young teenage boys for his own sexual exploitation” in his objection.

Bean was the leading fundraiser of any individual in the state of Oregon for former President Obama, and is a pioneer in the cause of LGBT rights, a movement that now revels in allowing predators to groom children in the public square.

With President Donald Trump now in the White House rather than his predecessor, the LGBT pioneer faces another day in court without a close friend in power. The crackdown on Democratic funders for alleged sex crimes is not just limited to Epstein.

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