FLASHBACK: Pompeo Admits ‘We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole’ As CIA Director

As neocon Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues in an effort to ignite tensions with Iran, accusing the Islamist dictatorship of lying about detaining several CIA agents, a concerning April quote regarding his own dishonesty has come back into the spotlight.

Pompeo was shamelessly open about the deception he engaged in as CIA director, going so far as to publicly state that “we lied, we cheated, we stole” during his tenure with the organization. Bizarrely, the ultra-hawk agitating for foreign entanglements within the Trump administration went on to claim his own track record reminded him of the “glory of the American experiment.

Certainly, it doesn’t come as a surprise to think that the Islamist dictatorship of Iran might lie about operations that supposedly have resulted in the arrest of American spies in the country. But Pompeo hasn’t exactly put himself in a good position to represent American interests when it comes to honestly in the international arena, having gone so far as to openly discuss his track record as a known liar and thief as CIA director.

Neoconservative hawks embedded within the Trump administration have come under increasing scrutiny in recent months, as it becomes clear that they serve under a President that openly rejects their widely unpopular and ineffective foreign policy visions. President Trump has been said to openly mock White House ultra-hawk John Bolton, joking that the National Security Advisor wanted to deploy nuclear weapons against Ireland. The President was said to remark that Bolton has “never seen a war he doesn’t like.

As President Trump sours on Bolton, it’s entirely possible Pompeo could be next to follow on the chopping block. There’s simply no way an open and known liar can effectively lecture American adversaries on honesty, and Pompeo is similar to Bolton in always having rejected the President’s groundbreaking “America First” foreign policy vision.


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