FLASHBACK: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Accused Trump of Treason Without Evidence

A U.S. Representative from New York took to the floor of the House of Representatives to accuse President Donald J. Trump of treason for his alleged “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election.

“I rise today to make it clear that treason is not a laughing matter,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said in February of 2018. “It is a serious crime, embedded in the Constitution, punishable by death.”

Now that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s official report has been turned over to Attorney General William Barr – and not one Trump staffer or associate has been charged with a crime related to collusion – we know for sure that such allegations made irresponsibly by the likes of Jeffries were totally bogus.

“Is it treason for a presidential campaign to meet with a hostile foreign to sellout our democracy and rig the election?” he asked rhetorically. “Is it treason for a presidential campaign to meet with Russian spies who promised information that was negative about a political opponent and then fail to report that meeting to law enforcement officials? Is it treason for your former National Security Advisor to be a Russian asset, sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin?”

Today, Mueller’s report has answered all of these questions unequivocally. Either what Jeffries suggested never happened, or the answer is no. And for an elected official to suggest otherwise is reckless.

There are many others in elected office and media who must face a reckoning for their behavior over the past three years.

Stay tuned.



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