FLASHBACK: Screenshots Show Liberals Wanting to Use Electoral College to Stop Trump Post-Election in 2016

Liberals have been bashing Donald Trump, his lawyers, and his supporters for “destabilizing our democracy” and attempting an “Electoral College coup” by contesting the presidential election result and seeking to overturn it.

Well who would’ve thought that these liberals were doing the same thing back in 2016?

Journalist Michael Tracey compiled several screenshots of liberal commentators and writers desperate to use the Electoral College post-election to prevent Trump from taking office, saying he “knew it would be widely denied that prominent liberals floated an Electoral College coup in 2016.”

See some of the screenshots below:

See them all here.

The big difference between 2016 liberals and 2020 conservatives, of course, is that 2020 conservatives have seen evidence of suspicious behavior and statistical anomalies favoring Joe Biden, whereas 2016 liberals were simply upset about the result and had no evidence of voter fraud that helped Trump. When the Electoral College voted and officially gave Trump the victory, that’s when the left went all-in on Russian collusion, which we all know turned out to be a giant hoax.

Liberals have been a significant destabilizing force all throughout Trump’s first term. Spare me.

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