FLASHBACK: Washington Post Said Hitler Was Better Than Trump

An old headline is coming back to haunt Jeff Bezos’ blog in the wake of a deadly shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday.

“I am a Jew — a New York Writer Liberal Jew, the scariest Jew of all — and from a very young age, I was taught about an unimaginable horror called the Holocaust and about an evil man named Adolf Hitler. The elderly man who sat beside me every Saturday morning in synagogue was a Holocaust survivor, and his elderly wife was a Holocaust survivor, as well. And so the first reason the comparison of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler bothers me is not because it belittles the deaths of millions of innocents, but because, frankly, it belittles Adolf Hitler,” said Shalom Auslander in a 2016 Washington Post column titled “Don’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler.”

On Saturday, crazed gunman Robert Bowers killed 11 at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. He was a known hater of President Donald J. Trump, calling him a “globalist” and bashing him for allegedly being controlled by Israel.

For his part, Trump immediately denounced the shooting and the political violence that inspired the act.

“As you know, earlier today there was a horrific shooting targeting and killing Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shooter is in custody, and federal authorities have been dispatched to support state and local police…” Trump said on Twitter.


He invited Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow to offer a prayer for the victims of the senseless violence during the press conference.

Trump, who has been extremely supportive of Israel, moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, garnering praise from the Jewish community in America and abroad, was still ridiculed by deranged liberals on Twitter.

“And a word to my fellow American Jews: This president makes this possible. Here. Where you live. I hope the embassy move over there, where you don’t live was worth it,” said Julia Ioffe of GQ on Twitter,

“Nothing will change unless you vote for Democrats. You can yell at me for politicizing the and death of 11 people in Pittsburgh but I don’t give a crap. Republicans don’t have solutions that they are willing to put in place. Democrats do. VOTE!!!,” said anti-Trump huckster Brian Krassenstein.


To blame Trump for today’s horrific massacre is utterly disingenuous. Nonetheless, leftwing lunatics who thrive off of divisiveness are continuing their schtick.



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