Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Executive Order ENDING Common Core

Florida DeSantis Kills Common Core

Newly elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a new executive order ending Common Core, locally referred to as Florida Standards, from the state’s school curriculum in a press conference held this Thursday afternoon.

“One of the things we would constantly hear about on the campaign trail is a frustration with a lot of parents in particular with this idea of Common Core,” DeSantis said in his press conference Thursday afternoon, “Today we are doing an Executive Order that is going to instruct Commissioner Corcoran to get to work and come up with good standards for the state of Florida that will include eliminating Common Core,” the governor said to applause.

DeSantis said that while campaigning throughout the state of Florida, he would “talk to teachers, talk to parents, and listen to their experiences,” and he learned that many parents felt “very frustrated because they didn’t understand” the new teaching methods used, and were unable to help their children learn.

“We want to get this right. We want quality. We want to demand excellence,” said the newly elected governor, “The executive order will require the commissioner to provide a roadmap so we have authentic, Florida-based standards.”

He also made it clear that the new standards will monitor success, but end what parents and teachers refer to as “teaching to a test.”

DeSantis also pledged to ensure the new educational standards for the state of Florida will require students to gain civics knowledge, and will equip them to become informed voters.

“You really need to understand what makes America the country it is,” said DeSantis, “We’re not a country where everyone has the same religious denomination, where everyone has the same ethnic heritage. What unites us, or what’s supposed to, is the idea of certain principles that the country was founded on, that you see reflected in the Constitution.”

“I think it’s important when we’re sending these students out, they’re not only prepared for a career or higher education, but also prepared to discharge the duties of citizenship.”

DeSantis was elected governor last year after winning a tense campaign against the newly hired CNN political contributor, Andrew Gillum.


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