Florida Republican Joe Gruters Tries To Ban Sanctuary Cities

A member of the Florida state Senate introduced legislation that would ban sanctuary cities in the state, advancing Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’ agenda in the state.

Florida state Senator Joe Gruters introduced Florida Senate Bill 168, which would require Florida’s “state entities, local governmental entities, and law enforcement agencies to comply with and support the enforcement of federal immigration law,” prohibit sanctuary cities, provide protections for whistle blowers who report noncompliance with federal immigration law, and compel existing sanctuary cities in the state to repeal any legislation protecting illegal immigrants.

Gruters’ legislation advances the agenda of Florida Governor-elect Ron DeSantis, who has been a longtime critic of sanctuary cities. During his campaign, DeSantis made it a central issue, pledging “there is not going to be any sanctuary cities in the state of Florida if I am governor” during a televised debate.

DeSantis has been a long time critic of sanctuary city legislation, previously writing that such cities “snub their noses at federal immigration law and care more about protecting violators of law than they do their own citizens.”

Florida has become a hot spot for policy debate surrounding illegal immigration, as DeSantis’ opponent, Andrew Gillum, was caught on video admitting he would have welcomed the caravan of Honduran and Guatemalan migrants with open arms.

After a contentious 2018 midterm election, fraught with allegations of fraud and and misconduct among election officials, the same Florida Democrats who sought to enact sanctuary city legislation and welcome illegal immigrants are now reportedly seeking lawyers to defend them in a possible election fraud investigation. (EXCLUSIVE: Incident Reports and Photo Evidence Show Election Fraud in Broward County).

Big League Politics interviewed Tim Canova, who ran against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2018 and is now suing her for election fraud (and has so far lived to tell about it):

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