Florida’s DeSantis Will Fly State Flags at Half Staff in Honor of Radio Legend Rush Limbaugh

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed that he would issue an order to fly state and US flags at half staff in honor of radio legend Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh died earlier this week of cancer.

DeSantis spokeswoman Meredith Beatrice confirmed that the governor would issue the order after Limbaugh’s funeral arrangements are announced. The flags will be flown at half staff the day of the radio legend’s burial.

Originally a native of Missouri, Limbaugh moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in the late 1980’s. He became the most-listened to radio show host in the history of the United States, if not the world over the duration of his career.

Speaking of Limbaugh’s legacy Thursday on Fox News, DeSantis credited appearances on Limbaugh’s show as pivotal moments for his 2018 campaign for Governor of Florida.

He had me on when I was running for Governor,” DeSantis said. “I was getting the tar kicked out of me every day and he had me on the week before the election in 2018. He didn’t have a lot of guests. I was honored to be on his show a couple of times.

He would have been great in radio even without the conservative thing. He’s just that talented. Obviously he was a conservative icon up there with Scalia, Reagan, and Buckley,” said DeSantis of Limbaugh.

Florida Democrats have rushed to assail the Florida radio legend’s character and blast DeSantis for recognizing his life, accusing Limbaugh of being a “racist.”

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