Following Short Ban, Down Syndrome Drag Show Returns to the Stage in Bigger Venue

“Drag Syndrome” is once again scheduled to take place in Grand Rapids after being cancelled for a short time, as the perverse exploitative display is back on and moving to an even bigger venue.

DisArt Co-Founder Chris Smit is gloating following news that the event has been moved to the Wealthy Theatre. They were previously kicked out of the Tanglewood Studios venue following widespread outrage and horror. The event is scheduled take place on Saturday, Sept. 7.

“Some people, unfortunately, fall back on this idea that disabled people can’t think for themselves,” Smit told Out Magazine.

“All that does is stop any sort of possibility for cultural growth and cultural flourishing disabled people. This is not the first time in history a group of people have been marginalized and grouped together in order to keep everybody else feeling comfortable about their own misconceptions,” he added.

DisArt, which incorporates disabled people into art projects, claims that the “Drag Syndrome” display is not exploitative because they are supposedly celebrating these individuals.

“What we have learned through experience was that if you balance that the people on stage who have disabilities with a large number of people in the audience with disabilities, it changes from an experience of exploitation to an experience of celebration,” DisArt Managing Director Jill Vyn said.

“We’ve adjusted lots of things specifically at this site to make sure that the disability community was in attendance,” she added.

Video of the event can be seen here:

“Drag for me allows there to be a freedom of bringing your whole self together through an expression of art,” Vyn said.

“We have talked to a lot of people in our disability community who feel a sense of needing to play the part of what other people expect them to be like or act like. Any time we can create opportunities where the disabled voice can be the loudest in the room, I get really excited about those opportunities,” she added.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is accusing Peter Meijer, who is a Republican Congressional candidate for the 3rd District in Michigan, of civil rights violations for removing “Drag Syndrome” from his venue, Tanglewood Studios. Meijer intends to fight the complaint.

“I’m not sure what precedent it sets for a private property owner to be forced to host something on their property,” he said. “I was never going to make a dollar off of this. The fact that I’m being threatened, extorted to pay more money after I donated the space, it’s an understatement to say I’m incredibly disappointed.”

His opponent in the 3rd District race, veterans’ rights advocate Tom Norton, blames Meijer for allowing the event to appear there in the first place, and then only booting “Drag Syndrome” after meeting with political consultants.

Whether it is children or the disabled, the LGBT agenda continues to target the most vulnerable members of society to achieve their depraved ends.

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