Foreign Doctors are Responsible for 60 Percent of Patient Sexual Assaults in Britain

Multiculturalism continues to cause serious problems in the United Kingdom, as newly-released figures show that doctors of foreign origin are responsible for 60 percent of proven sexual assaults perpetrated by doctors on their patients in the country.

Although they only make up a third of National Health Service (NHS) medics, foreign-trained doctors were responsible for 23 of 38 confirmed incidents of predatory behavior including crimes such as sexual assault, indecent behavior, and rape. The NHS had announced they were aiming for fewer minorities as staffers, which initiated a politically correct backlash and disciplinary hearings.

Britain currently employs 95,000 doctors who are classified as being from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME). They are more than twice as likely to be reprimanded than their native counterparts. The elevated rates of condemnations among BME are consistent in other professions, such as nurses, as well.

Diversity officers in the NHS want to make it harder for these offenders to be held accountable, as they would prefer to gloss over the problem rather than address it.

“It is not acceptable that if you come from some backgrounds, you are more likely to enter the formal disciplinary process, stay in it longer and have more career-limiting outcomes. We must change this and quickly,” said NHS chief people officer Prerana Issar, who got her start at the globalist United Nations.

J. Meirion Thomas, a surgeon who retired after 30 years of service in the NHS bureaucracy, believes that Issar’s recommendation will likely empower abusers and put the vulnerable further at risk.

“Complaints of sexual misconduct, and other matters against doctors, should be assessed irrespective of ethnicity. Applying any other criteria risks that some complaints may not be properly investigated,” he said.

Regardless of the potential to enable abuses, the NHS remains obsessively concerned with the feelings of their BME personnel, as diversity corrodes the institutions that the British people have come to depend upon.

“Where allegations are made it is right that they are thoroughly investigated and any appropriate action taken, regardless of someone‚Äôs ethnicity or where they trained. But it is also right that all NHS staff feel they will be treated fairly and not face discrimination, which is what this guidance sets out to achieve,” an NHS spokesman said.

The Freedom of Information Act allowed researchers to accumulate this data, which includes abusers like Czech-trained Anush Babu, who was exposed for filming his female patients, including children, against their will and focusing in on their genitals.

Iraq-trained doctor Thair Altaii was also convicted for filming female patients against their will at his surgery center. He took 19,000 illicit pictures of his victims before he was brought to justice. He received 14 months in jail on charges of voyeurism in Aug. 2018 for his lewd acts.

Other foreign doctors who were caught abusing female patients include the Nigerian-trained Cyprian Okoro, who sent nude pictures to a patient after harassing her for sexual favors; and Syed Bukhari, a Pakistani-trained physician who fondled a 28-year-old female patient’s breasts and thighs while she was being treated for chest pains.

Under the strain of multiculturalism and globalism, the abuse epidemic will likely continue to worsen as diversity-obsessed government officials refuse to actually fix the problem and shield abusers from unnecessary threats.

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