Foreign Minister of Panama Warns of 60,000 Haitian Illegal Migrants Traveling North to US Border

The Foreign Minister of Panama has warned US officials of 60,000 Haitian illegal immigrants traveling through Latin America in hopes of entering the United States, according to reporting Wednesday night from Axios.

Erika Mouynes has indicated that more than 85,000 migrants have traveled through Panama this year, many of whom besieged the US border at the Del Rio International Bridge linking Texas and Mexico earlier this month. The majority of Del Rio migrants were given residency in the United States, making it likely that many more will come in pursuit of the same giveaway. Mouynes indicates that 60,000 of the migrants to travel through Panama are still en route to the United States, and will be emboldened by President Biden’s refusal to deport illegal immigrants.

An additional 30,000 migrants are waiting at Panama’s border with Colombia to enter the former, with most presumably hoping to eventually reach the United States.

Mouynes has accused the Biden administration of ignoring previous warnings about mass illegal immigration from Panama, which is a crucial US ally in Central America. “We sounded the alarm when we should have,” said Mouynes of previous attempts to warn the US of the phenomenon. Caravan-style migrants ultimately hope to travel to the United States in hope of obtaining residency, welfare benefits, and citizenship in the country, but their presence imposes a costly toll on US allies such as Panama and Mexico who are forced to deal with large armies of homeless vagrants.

Mounyes was in Washington DC Monday and Tuesday, where she sought further cooperation from Alejandro Mayorkas and Biden administration officials on deterring caravan-style migration. “We’ve engaged with every single authority that we can think of, that we can come across, to say, ‘Please, let’s pay attention to this,’” she told Axios of her efforts.

President Biden broke the all-time record for illegal immigrant encounters in one year on Wednesday. While the migrants logged in the books are being detained- at least for a few days- it’s an ignoble distinction to set the record for apprehensions. The more illegal immigrants that come to the United States, the more are apprehended, serving as an indication of the rotten fruits of Biden’s ‘America Last’ border and immigration policy.

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