Former Bush Strategist Accuses Trump Of ‘Facilitating Ongoing Domestic Terrorism’

Matthew Dowd took to MSNBC To accuse Trump of facilitating ‘ongoing domestic terrorism.’

Bush strategist Matthew Dowd appeared on the left leaning channel to lace into Trump and Trump supporters. Dowd has been a major critic of President Trump in the past. He told Nicole Wallace “I mean, obviously, January 6 is a seminal moment in our country’s history, but it’s really a moment combined with a lot of other moments. This, in fact, is domestic terrorism, which has completely surfaced in our country, and it has all of the elements of domestic terrorism with the added element, it has cells around the country, it has actions, it has intent, it has weapons, it has radicalization.”

Dowd then accused Sean Hannity and Fox News of supporting terrorism saying, “It has communication channels that do it, which is Fox News and Sean Hannity, all that. But what is different here and makes this, in my view, so much worse, I’ve often said that I think January 6 was worse, a worse event for our country’s history than 9/11, even though more people were — there was a greater loss of life on 9/11. January 6 has actually revealed what exists, the sort of treasonous activity that exists among many of our leaders in this country, and it has divided the country more.”

Dowd then continued, “We have an active domestic terrorism unit in this country with all of its manifestations of it. But what we have never seen before is the facilitation of that terrorism by elected leaders of our country, including the president of the United States. I pause for a minute to say that. We have domestic terrorism facilitated by a former president, a president at the time of our country.”

Dowd added, “We have an ongoing, active domestic terrorism problem in our country that January 6 was an element of. Now we have leaders in the Capitol who have helped and are helping facilitate that domestic terrorism in our country, including a former president of the United States. That’s the fundamental problem that exists today in America.” The allegations that Fox News and a President of The United States support terrorism are clearly egregious and unfounded. Nevertheless, the mainstream media will continue to insultingly compare January 6 to the 9-11 Islamist terror attacks and falsely accuse President Trump along with all of his supporters of being domestic terrorists.

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