Former CIA Engineer is Convicted of Leaking Agency’s Invasive ‘Vault 7’ Surveillance Tools

Former CIA engineer Joshua Schulte, who has been behind bars since 2018, has been convicted of leaking “Vault 7” tools to WikiLeaks.

Schulte is also awaiting trial on possession and transport of child pornography. He is pleading not guilty to those charges. He is claiming he is part of a government set-up and is the fall guy for the leaks that showed the terrifying surveillance power of the U.S. government.

“The government’s case is riddled with reasonable doubt,” he said. “There’s simply no motive here.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Denton said that the evidence shows that Schulte is guilty of leaking the sensitive information.

“He’s the one who broke into that system,” Denton said. “He’s the one who took that backup, the backup he sent to WikiLeaks.”

“This is someone who’s hiding the things that he’s done wrong,” he added.

The “Vault 7” leaks were released in March 2017 and showed that the CIA could “spoof” malware to show that it came from a foreign government when it really came from the U.S. It also shows how government spooks can use Smart TVs to spy even when the television sets are turned off.

WikiLeaks posted some of the most startling disclosures on their Twitter account:

Big League Politics has reported on the railroading of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, which has included the fabrication of evidence:

A crucial witness who has been relied upon to build the deep state’s case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is admitting that he has lied constantly to help the feds railroad the information liberator.

Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson reportedly told reporters at Grabien that he lied about Assange to get the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation off of his back so he could commit criminal acts with impunity.

Thordarson had allegedly embezzled funds from WikiLeaks after offering to sell merchandise for the group. He then reached out to the federal government hoping to become an informant in order to save his own skin.

Additionally, “according to a psychiatric assessment presented to the court Thordarson was diagnosed as a sociopath, incapable of remorse but still criminally culpable for his actions,” Stundin reported, and this was an individual who has been tasked with building the case against Assange for the feds.

Schulte may be another patsy who the feds want to crucify in order to intimidate future whistleblowers. The deep state is an existential threat to the Bill of Rights and must be stopped.

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