Former Disney Vice President Gets Lenient Prison Sentence for Repeated Sexual Abuse of 7 Year Old

A former executive, who was formerly in a position of power at a corporation that makes obscene profits molding young minds, has been convicted of child sexual abuse.

Michael Laney, 73, was acquitted on three counts of first-degree rape and three counts of first-degree sex abuse, but was unable to escape conviction on four counts of first-degree sexual abuse. He will serve 81 months in prison as a punishment for his sex crimes made on a seven-year-old girl.

Despite his conviction, his lawyers are still maintaining Laney’s innocence.

“The character of the evidence is just stories, and the strength of those stories is exceedingly low,” attorneys Stephen Houze and Jacob Houze wrote in a statement.

They are also appealing for sympathy for this convicted child sex abuser, citing Laney’s wife’s alleged Parkinson’s disease as reasons for even more leniency.

“Sentencing Mr. Laney to any amount of incarceration, much less an actuarial true life sentence, disproportionately impacts him more than a defendant without those personal characteristics,” Houze wrote in a statement.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Charles Mickley believes the claims made by Laney’s attorneys are “peculiarly offensive and insulting” to the victim.

“Defendant wholly ignores the compelling evidence of his guilt presented at trial, including the evidence of his longstanding sexual interest in children,” Mickley wrote.

Court documents show that the abuse began in 2009, and it continued for at least two years as Laney was apparently a serial offender. Another individual reported being abused but it could not be proven in the court of law.

According to a Bloomberg profile, Laney has a long and troubling history of working around children over the course of many decades so there could easily be more victims as he had a great deal of access to kids.

The Bloomberg profile shows that Laney served as the Senior Vice President of Operations at Feature Animation Division of Warner Bros. He was previously the Vice President of Operations at Feature Animation Division of Walt Disney Pictures and Television from 1992 to Jan. 1994.

He also recently served as Director of Children’s Wonderland, which was described by Bloomberg as an organization “engaged in the ownership and operation of full service family care centers, which provided educational programs and activities for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and the elderly.”

Right now, the Disney corporation is celebrating Pride Month by offering rainbow-themed kids attire to promote the LGBT agenda.

The Hollywood and media-industrial complex has been targeting kids for decades, and the high-profile child abuser Laney does not look to be an isolated actor by any means.

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