Former Fox News Employee Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs

Fox News Employee Denied Housing

Pardes Seleh, a former Fox News employee, was denied the ability to rent a room in an apartment because those she would be sharing the space with “hate Fox.”

In a screen shot posted to Twitter, Seleh claims she was denied a sublease from a group of renters who used Seleh’s political views as their chief reason not to rent her space.

“My second time this week being rejected from an apartment/house in DC” because of her former place of employment and her political views, Seleh wrote alongside a screen shot sent from those who denied her.

In the message sent to Seleh, those who denied her the apartment wrote that “It’s pretty clear [her] political views are diametrically opposed to ours,” and added that they “hate Fox”.

Seleh provided more details in a live Periscope video, telling viewers she had only started her search for a new apartment one day ago, and has already been denied housing for her political beliefs twice.

“This was actually the second time that it’s happened, the first time was actually yesterday,” Seleh said, “I mean, I only started searching yesterday.”

Seleh also added that she never considered herself a member of the far right, and has never made any type of hateful or fringe political statement on social media or in her time at Fox News.

“I don’t think any of my views that I put out online are that controversial,” said Seleh, “I’m not even a hardcore right winger, I wouldn’t describe myself as that,”

She said that while she strives to remain civil and remember that life is not all about politics, she feels she is being treated as a hateful person for simply being associated with the conservative movement.

“I was never super willing to die for my political views, but I’m still being treated like a Nazi.”

In spite of the mistreatment, Seleh maintains that she has no desire to see the residents of the building embroiled in legal trouble, and insisted that enraged conservatives follow her example, and merely point out this example of intolerance on behalf of the left while taking no further action.

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