Former Guardian Writer: ‘The Left Marches With The Islamists’

Sarah Lee, The Guardian

British journalist and former liberal Melanie Phillips describes herself as “a liberal mugged by reality.” On Sunday at a conference of Jewish conservatives the former writer at The Guardian informed the crowd that the larger threat of anti Semitism is from the left and The Muslim immigrants.

In a speech which could have been given by Pamela Geller or David Horowitz, Phillips lamented the self loathing in the West and the policies which reflect that.

Contrary to globalist liberal assertions, Hungary is the safest place in Europe for Jews according to Phillips. In Phillips’ words “Victor Orban has set his face against Muslims.”

This is all in stark contrast to the Left which has been Anti-Jew for years. Much of the problem according to Philips is that “institutions of the West have been fundamentally under attack.” “Biblical morality is being replaced by cultural relativism.”

Instead of denouncing the Radical Muslims or Islamists Phillips Stated “The Left marches with the Islamists.”

In conclusion, Phillips believes that we are in a “fight for the survival of the West.” She proceeded to point to the rise of Brexit and the election of President Trump as examples of the revolt of decent people against “an establishment which disdains them.”

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