Former Hillary Clinton Aide Throws Hissy Fit Outside White House

A former aide to Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton devised a hilariously petulant plan to protest President Donald J. Trump last night.

“If someone flew home from Helsinki they’d get back to DC around 9pm,” wrote Philippe Reines on Twitter. “Probably jet lagged. You know what I’d hate if I just got back & needed to sleep? A bunch of people outside my home with bullhorns & air horns. I’ve never started a protest. How does one do that [MoveOn]?”

Formerly an aide to one of the most powerful government officials on earth, Reines has been reduced to banging pots and pans outside the fence of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. with strangers. And yes, the protestors actually did that.

“Here are the White House protest rules as explained to us tonight by the Secret Service: Anyone can protest on Pennsylvania Ave, from curb to curb, any time,” Reines wrote. “We used whistles, air horns. All allowed. Anyone can go at 4pm or 4am to bang pots & pans. Maybe 30-minute shifts 24/7?”

He handed out whistles to the first 50 people who showed up, and managed to give the world a glance at the leftist playbook, which routinely includes astroturfing protests. Civic protests used to be entirely grassroots. Now they’re organized and funded by big money leftist non-profits.

“And folks this is makeshift,” he said. “Don’t expect a lot of organization.”

The North Lawn of the White House is, well, large. It is doubtful that Trump lost any sleep over Reines’ protest.

But what else does an out-of-work Clinton staffer have to do after the old hag’s crushing defeat in 2016? Apparently nothing. Reines plans to take to the streets again tonight.

This time, Reines is bringing out the big guns, with special guests including recent jailbird pornstar Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti.

Tonight promises to be a raucous occasion.

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