Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Warns Weapons Shipments Given to Ukraine Will End Up in Iran

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is begging Israel for military aid in the form of sophisticated air defense systems in order to prolong their conflict against Russia.

“Today, Ukraine will send an official note to the government of Israel with a request to urgently provide Ukraine with anti-aircraft systems and to start high-quality cooperation on obtaining appropriate technologies for Ukraine,” Kuleba said, adding that he does “not see any objective reasons why” Israel shouldn’t bail his country out like so many others are doing.

“Iran is a red line for Israel, and after Iran has directly, in fact, become complicit in the crime of aggression against Ukraine, I think anyone in Israel who still has any hesitation about whether or not to help Ukraine, he must dispel these hesitations,” Kuleba stated.

However, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel should not intervene with military aid to promote the conflict. Giving shelter to refugees and providing humanitarian aid is enough, he argues, because weapons funneled to the Ukrainians could easily end up in the hands of the Iranians.

“On the question of weapons there’s always a possibility, and this has happened time and again, that weapons that we supplied in one battlefield end up in Iranian hands used against us,” Netanyahu said. “In the Golan Heights, where we’re trying to prevent Iran from creating a second Lebanon front, a second terrorist front against us, we encounter Israeli made weapons.”

Other Israeli politicians are making the opposite case as Netanyahu, claiming that since Iran is allegedly helping Russia conduct their war in Ukraine by providing Russia with drones, Israel should support Ukraine as a way to fight a proxy battle of sorts against Iran.

“There is no longer any doubt where Israel should stand in this bloody conflict,” said Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai, a leading cheerleader for Israel to give military aid to Ukraine.

Netanyahu noted that this is the type of logic that has created world wars in the past. He is concerned with preventing World War 3 and believes restraint is necessary.

“I don’t think it makes that much difference if it’s tactical nuclear weapons or strategic nuclear weapons, that threshold has not been crossed for 77 years and I think what is required right now is a combination of firmness and prudence to make sure that this conflict ends and certainly doesn’t spread,” he said.

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev stated on Monday that it would be a “very reckless move” by Israel to give direct military aid to Ukraine and this decision would “destroy government relations between our countries.” Hopefully Israel does not take the bait and get in bed with the corrupt globalist Ukrainian puppet regime that has no concern for anything except keeping their own illicit power.

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