Former MSNBC Contributor To Viewers: ‘We May Have to Fight’ Our Neighbors

Former MSNBC contributor and Author Malcolm Nance said Wednesday night on Peacock’s “Zerlina” that the Republican Party has become an insurgency, in other words Americans might have to fight their “neighbors. Nance is currently fighting for a foreign country in a civil war there.

In his own unhinged words “Here is the United States — to characterize that to understand what kind of terrorism we might be dealing with, you have to label it as white extremism because we have 30% of the population of the United States who no longer believe in the democratic norms that we established in the founding of the country.” Yet again the Fake News Media and the Left which dominates it, are demonizing everyday Americans and painting White Americans as the “enemy.” This rhetoric is coming from the same liberals who always denounce the “othering” of people when it comes to other groups.

This is part of a disturbing trend in the fake news media with Joy Reid also of MSNBC labeling any opinion coming from a White American as racist. As previously reported at BLP, Joy Reid suggested that “questions by Tucker Carlson pertaining to the qualifications of Biden SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson exhibit “textbook racism” and ultimately help enable “white supremacy.”

Nance when on to say “it’s closer to the beginnings of the Irish Republican Army. You know Irish Republicanism, where now the Republican Party is Sinn Fein, and it’s just a matter of seeing who comes up as the original Irish Republicans in this story and starts carrying out acts of violence to affect change. So we are well on our way to a multi-year campaign that we are already two years into this campaign where we may have to fight them.”

This demonization trend began at the top with Biden, characterizing neither Islamist nor Antifa terrorism but White Supremacy as the biggest national security threat. The actions of the Biden administration and the words of the Fake News Media have continually reflected this lie. Whether through the memo characterizing CRT critics as domestic terrorists or other policies the views of Reid and Nance have been implemented by the Globalist establishment.

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