Former New York Assembly Leader Gets 6 1/2 years in Prison…Fake News Fails to Mention He Was a Democrat

Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver received a prison sentence of 6 1/2 years on Monday, as the Democrat was found guilty of extensive corruption.

U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni issued the sentence for Silver, hoping that it would “send a message to Albany” that this type of corrupt behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. In addition to the sentence, she is issuing him a fine of $1 million.

“This was corruption pure and simple,” Caproni said.

Caproni noted Silver’s tremendous hypocrisy throughout his various sentencing hearings. Recently, his legal team has attempted to use COVID-19 as an excuse for Silver to skirt justice. Caproni was not buying it, although she did spare him of the 17 to 22 years called for by federal sentencing guidelines. He lamented publicly that he tarnished his career in public service.

“I destroyed that legacy that I built over 35 years,” he said, adding that his “improper, selfish and ethically indefensible” conduct grew out of his sense of entitlement.

Donald Trump Jr. noted in a Twitter post that NBC News failed to mention that Silver was a prominent Democrat in their article about his sentencing.

Big League Politics has reported on how Democrat corruption has exploded in recent months due to the prevalence of mail-in voting:

Three New Jersey Democrat politicians are being charged with fraud relating to a mail-in voting scam that allegedly happened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The charges have been filed against a city councilman, a councilman-elect, the brother of another councilman, and a fourth individual for election fraud in May’s special election. The entire election was conducted via mail-in voting due to fears related to the coronavirus.

NJ 1st Ward Councilman Michael Jackson is accused of collecting mail-in ballots and giving them to the Passaic County Board of Elections without indicating that he was the official bearer with his signature. Prosecutors also allege that Jackson handed in at least one ballot before it had been properly filled out.

In addition, Alex Mendez, another Democrat who was victorious in the 3rd Ward election, allegedly collected mail-in ballots from different voters and submitted fraudulent voter registration applications.

Jackson won re-election with 844 votes while his opponents received 599 and 490 votes, respectively. Mendez won his post with 1,595 votes with his nearest competition receiving 1,350 votes.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service became aware of the alleged scam when they found several hundred mail-in ballots that were “bundled” in a mailbox in Paterson, with hundreds of other ballots found in a different mailbox in nearby Haledon. Overall, there were at least 800 ballots implicated in the alleged scam. This was enough to potentially influence the results of last month’s elections.

Other instances of alleged fraud were reportedly a family affair. Shelim Khalique, a 51-year-old Wayne resident, whose councilman brother, Shahim Khalique, won by just a few votes as a candidate in the 2nd Ward, is accused of illegally collecting and delivering mail-in ballots as well. Khalique is also facing charges of illegally employing a sex offender for his transportation company and hiring school bus drivers without qualifications.

Another suspect Abu Razyen, 21, of Prospect Park, has been taken into custody and charged with mishandling ballots as well.

The corruption in the Democrat Party is seemingly limitless, and the fake news media will enable their illicit behavior whenever possible.

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