Former Obama White House Counsel to be Indicted for Ukrainian Collusion

Attorneys for former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig revealed Wednesday that the longtime Democratic lawyer expects to be indicted by federal prosecutors on charges related to his work with the Ukrainian government in 2012.

Findings discovered in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into supposed Russian meddling in American politics may have contributed towards the upcoming charges against Craig. Craig performed work for Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice, and was apparently connected with the Ukrainians through Paul Manafort, the Republican operative indicted by Mueller for overseas political activity.

Craig was originally investigated by the Justice Department for failing to register as a foreign agent while working for the Ukrainian government. However, it seems statues of limitation have since expired for that crime, and his attorneys expect him to be indicted for making false statements to DOJ investigators instead.

Craig was President Obama’s White House Counsel from 2009 to 2010. He also has been a political advisor to liberal bigwigs Ted Kennedy and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

An associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton for decades, the high-society lawyer even rented an apartment to the Clintons as a Yale Law Student in the 1970’s. He would go on to lead the legal team representing President Bill Clinton in impeachment proceedings in the 1990’s.

Craig possibly represents the most high-profile elite Democrat to be indicted for foreign political activities in the past few years. Democratic kingpin Tony Podesta was investigated by Robert Mueller’s team for similarly suspect political activities in Ukraine, which may have involved lavish compensation that went unreported to the American government from pro-Russia political parties. After being investigated, Podesta ultimately wasn’t charged by the government, although the political consulting firm known as the Podesta Group he led with his brother John shut down.


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