Former President Donald Trump Declares that the United States is Under “Invasion” 

On December 21, 2022, former President Donald Trump published a video highlighting the immigration invasion that’s afflicting the United States. He also listed out what needed to be done to address this crisis. 

“Far more illegal immigrants have entered the United States in the last two years than at any time in American history,” Trump kicked off the video, “and by a massive margin.”

“We’ve never seen anything like it. Our country is under invasion,” the former president added.

Trump highlighted the situation taking place at border cities such as El Paso, Texas, which have been overwhelmed by an illegal alien Zerg Rush. 

“Any form of amnesty now would be a catastrophe,” he declared, referring to Joe Biden’s pro-mass migration agenda. “Our border is open, because Joe Biden has ordered it to be open,” Trump declared. “He has shredded our system and he’s destroying our country.”

“Biden inherited a flawless deportation system that was working like never before in our history,” Trump continued.

During Trump’s time as president, border crossings fell significantly, which Texas Governor Greg Abbott noted.  Back in September, Abbott stated that “All Biden has to do is replicate what Trump did, and that would lead to a reduction in border crossings.”

“Giving Biden more resources will simply translate to even more releases,” Trump contended. “Because that’s really what they have in mind. This has nothing to do with asylum. Everyone knows this is a pretext, and this is a fraud.”

“Anyone who pretends otherwise plays into the hands of Biden and the criminal cartels,” Trump proclaimed. “This is about Biden’s lawless and criminal misconduct.”

Trump believes that legislative action must be taken now in order to avert a total disaster at the border.

“The most important reform needed right now is a total ban on Biden using taxpayer dollars to free illegal aliens and criminal penalties for administrative non compliance which happens every single minute of every single day,” Trump concluded.

The former president is correct here. The influx of immigrants reaching the US has reached unsustainable levels. In fact, the US could face major demographic displacement as a result of the migrant surge.

Trump correctly believes that this can only be addressed by legislative action — an immigration moratorium, abolishing birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, etc. Words will not solve this existential crisis. 

Without legislative action to take on mass migration, the Historic American Nation, as we know it, will cease to exist.

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