Former President Donald Trump Promises to End All “Essential” Chinese Imports Within 4 Years If Re-Elected

During a five-minute video former President Donald Trump posted on Twitter and Truth Social, he promised to cut off all “essential” Chinese imports within four years if he is re-elected. Trump also criticized President Joe Biden’s “pro-China” agenda in the video.

“We will revoke China’s most favored nation trade status and adopt a four year plan to phase out all Chinese imports of essential goods, everything from electronics to steel to pharmaceutical,” the former president proclaimed in the video.

“Joe Biden claims to support American manufacturing, but in reality he is pushing the same pro-China, globalist agenda that ripped the industrial heart out of our country. It ripped us apart, Biden and the globalists support raising taxes on American production,” Trump stated. “They support more crippling regulations, killing American jobs. They support skyrocketing domestic energy costs and they support massive anti-American multinational agreements that send our wealth and factories overseas.”

Trump’s comments come at a time when there are growing numbers of policymakers calling for a gradual economic decoupling with China. The Daily Caller reported that imports of goods and services from China by the United States hovered around  $450.4 billion in 2020, per the United States Trade Representative. Electrical machinery made up $111 billion of the imports while $97 billion of the imports came from machinery, contributing to a $310.3 billion trade deficit.

Decoupling with China, in addition to shutting down Confucius Institutes and halting immigration from there are rational ways to confront China without having to risk a thermonuclear conflict with it. Neoconservatives and neoliberals are obsessed with destructive regime change and interventionist efforts against China, which will only result in disaster. Instead, the US needs to take a back to basics approach that’s centered on enhancing national interests and keeping America’s traditional sphere of influence in the Western Hemisphere stable. 

Searching for monsters abroad to destroy is just asking for trouble. 

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